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What Is In a Name?

My first mistake was to read the book Messages in Water—that book about the Japanese researcher who tested hundreds of water samples that had specific words spoken over them or written on labels taped to them, along with music to serenade them; and who then froze each sample. Continue reading “What Is In a Name?”

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As It Is

Hips saddle the cushion, spine like rebar, gaze downcast—fixed at six-o’clock. Dong! The bell drones— follow the breath. One. Two. Three. My gaze slips. I spy the lattice of plump veins on my hands. Thinking knits blood donor, vampires, my grandmother into a seductive shawl—I remember. Dong!

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You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing

I felt a thick soreness in my throat followed by thoughts of avian flu. Hedging my bets, I advanced to purchase an arsenal of natural remedies when I was halted by the sight of pollen draped across the windshield of my car, thick as Frida Kahlo’s distinguished unibrow. Continue reading “You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing”

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How Yoga Practice Has Liberated Me and Helped Me Receive Gifts of Pain

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It was vanity that initially led me to Yoga — seeking yet another means for perfecting my body, or some new level of fitness.

Over time, Yoga revealed an intrinsic reward aligned with my deeper longing: to live the examined life, which Socrates proclaimed to be the only life worth living. Continue reading “How Yoga Practice Has Liberated Me and Helped Me Receive Gifts of Pain”

How Yoga Transforms Me From Being a Mad Woman to a Devotional Madwoman

“Oh, a storm is threat’ning my very life today . . .”

Continue reading “How Yoga Transforms Me From Being a Mad Woman to a Devotional Madwoman”

Brilliant Mystery

One hundred billion galaxies in the universe, hundreds of moons in a solar system both dark and light, two hundred billion stars burning, illuminating, colliding and shattering to make new stars. Oh, infinite beauty, brilliant dark mystery. You illuminated us, collided into us, shattered and scattered us into new stars.

An Unbounded Look

He shot a smile over his shoulder, a mixture of kind, satirical and impish which was his trademark. The camera shot back–click! Freeze-frame an unbounded look beckoning us to see the panoramic view through his eyes, a reassurance to live fully— there’s nothing to fear, not even death.



This post was written in response to the DPchallenge – “Fifty”

What Can a Fourteenth Century Poet Teach us About Leadership?

I’ve been a bit obsessed lately with Mirabai– a princess in 1498 in the region of Rajasthan, India, today one of India’s most renowned poets. Who knew?

Mirabai lived during a difficult time for women in India, yet she abandoned great wealth, conventional status and security to lead a soul-directed life following what we might call “our heart” today. Continue reading “What Can a Fourteenth Century Poet Teach us About Leadership?”

I’ll Have Some of What That Kid is Having!

Recently a girlfriend and I were chatting when she shared a typical day-in-her-life as a wife, mother, sales manager, food blogger, and that’s the short list. Continue reading “I’ll Have Some of What That Kid is Having!”

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