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How Yoga Transforms Me From Being a Mad Woman to a Devotional Madwoman

“Oh, a storm is threat’ning my very life today . . .”

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As It Is

Hips saddle the cushion, spine like rebar, gaze downcast—fixed at six-o’clock. Dong! The bell drones— follow the breath. One. Two. Three. My gaze slips. I spy the lattice of plump veins on my hands. Thinking knits blood donor, vampires, my grandmother into a seductive shawl—I remember. Dong!

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You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing

I felt a thick soreness in my throat followed by thoughts of avian flu. Hedging my bets, I advanced to purchase an arsenal of natural remedies when I was halted by the sight of pollen draped across the windshield of my car, thick as Frida Kahlo’s distinguished unibrow. Continue reading “You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing”

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