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What Is In a Name?

My first mistake was to read the book Messages in Water—that book about the Japanese researcher who tested hundreds of water samples that had specific words spoken over them or written on labels taped to them, along with music to serenade them; and who then froze each sample. Continue reading “What Is In a Name?”

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How Yoga Transforms Me From Being a Mad Woman to a Devotional Madwoman

“Oh, a storm is threat’ning my very life today . . .”

Continue reading “How Yoga Transforms Me From Being a Mad Woman to a Devotional Madwoman”

You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing

I felt a thick soreness in my throat followed by thoughts of avian flu. Hedging my bets, I advanced to purchase an arsenal of natural remedies when I was halted by the sight of pollen draped across the windshield of my car, thick as Frida Kahlo’s distinguished unibrow. Continue reading “You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing”

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I’ll Have Some of What That Kid is Having!

Recently a girlfriend and I were chatting when she shared a typical day-in-her-life as a wife, mother, sales manager, food blogger, and that’s the short list. Continue reading “I’ll Have Some of What That Kid is Having!”

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