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You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing

I felt a thick soreness in my throat followed by thoughts of avian flu. Hedging my bets, I advanced to purchase an arsenal of natural remedies when I was halted by the sight of pollen draped across the windshield of my car, thick as Frida Kahlo’s distinguished unibrow. Continue reading “You Say “Queen” As If It Is a Bad Thing”

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An Unbounded Look

He shot a smile over his shoulder, a mixture of kind, satirical and impish which was his trademark. The camera shot back–click! Freeze-frame an unbounded look beckoning us to see the panoramic view through his eyes, a reassurance to live fully— there’s nothing to fear, not even death.



This post was written in response to the DPchallenge – “Fifty”

What Can a Fourteenth Century Poet Teach us About Leadership?

I’ve been a bit obsessed lately with Mirabai– a princess in 1498 in the region of Rajasthan, India, today one of India’s most renowned poets. Who knew?

Mirabai lived during a difficult time for women in India, yet she abandoned great wealth, conventional status and security to lead a soul-directed life following what we might call “our heart” today. Continue reading “What Can a Fourteenth Century Poet Teach us About Leadership?”

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